(y)our stories

As we found ourselves immersed in discussing, debating, and planning ahead for our workshop in May, one thought we had was to create a space for our growing community to share stories with one another. These would be the stories that form the sub-text of our papers – occasionally acknowledged but always there, influencing inevitably the projects we take on, the lenses we use for writing, the perspectives we read from, the conversations we have with each other, and more: a piece of ourselves, a piece of our lives, and a way to connect.

We invite stories from all those among you who have some to share – stories of people, projects, tussles, victories, realizations, goodbyes. One is too small a number, no doubt, because you probably have hundreds coming to mind right now, but let’s start with one and see where we land. Some of us are familiar with undertakings in the field that aim for participation and content-generation of, for, and by the communities we work with. Here, that community will be us.